Lucie Aujeska

Lucie is a Self-Love, Sensuality & Sex Coach, Embodied Therapist, Speaker & entrepreneur. She is a certified as Sexological bodyworker by Australian and New Zeland Institut of Somatic Sexology,  a Yoga teacher through Radiatly Alive trainings with different vinyasa yoga style and yin yoga. Her yoga practise is influenced and inspired by great teachers like Daniel Aaron, Simon Borg Olivier, Emil Wendel, Anthony Prem Carlisi to name a few. She has different bodywork certifications as a traditional thai massage, deep tissue massage and she has been developing and growing through many trainings in different therapeutic and healing modalities and shamanic journeys. She been teaching raw food training and workshop and educating people about raw food and longevity and she been living it over last 8 years with initiation to breatharian lifestyle. Through her passion to share and educate about healthy sustainable living she founded company Vitalvibe and yoga, rawfood and self development retreats Yourelife. Currently she is working on her mission to bring awareness and to facilitate positive transformation in others lives in the field of sexuality, relationship to self and others, unity consciousness and empowerment.


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